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Some self-celebration: submitting talks

I’m pretty stoked.

I’m due, soon, to give a talk at a climate conference about the data that I’m collecting for my Masters thesis. I know I won’t be finished my thesis by the time I go, but I know I’ll have some insights to share with people in the communication and policy stream.

And just today, another abstract in! A science communicators’ conference, looking for insights into our communication, our audiences, our methods, … So I hope to present something new about factors that indicate someone will be (or is likely) a trusted communicator.

And an important part of submitting abstracts is having the self-belief and confidence to actually present if one is accepted. So I’m celebrating having put another one in. I figure, if they want to hear what I have to say, that’s good enough reason for me to tell them!

Hurrah. The conference I’m speaking at soon is Greenhouse, a climate science conference; and I’ve submitted for the Australian Science Communicators conference in early 2014.