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What power does the mind have?

Running is a new, perhaps short-lived addiction of mine. Cold mornings, cold evenings, tired – I’m still doing it. This is big news, given my dislike of running.

With a bung knee, not only do normal joints and muscles protest, but my right knee whines and stiffens in protest, many hours after.

And yet – I’m curiouser every day about what my mind can do [can I use the word against?] against my body. This is probably well studied and much used in sports circles, but not often have I experienced this. Pushing further than one thought they could. Pushing harder. Keeping on going when all.you.want.to.do.is.STOP.

It’s a new feeling. And not one just mitigated by the YOULOVEEXERCISING chemical haze of endorphins – it can happen before those suckers kick in.

Why can I make myself keep going until, say, the next song or the next telephone pole?

Do you have fantastic or fanatic experiences with pushing past physical limits?