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Doing dangerous work

We’ve all done dangerous work. Some of us do it more than others. I’m struggling a bit with it at the moment.

It’s work that you do to not do more important work.

I blame myself, and the method I use to do it is seeing other ‘want to dos’ on a list. The painful noticing has happened because the put-off tasks have turned red in Habit RPG. That is not to say I was unaware of putting them off…

Many articles about productivity encourage you to do your most important work first, minus distractions and minus small tasks. I admit that I’ve not put a lot of effort into working this way so far; I have an ‘addiction’ to minutiae that lets me feel like I’ve accomplished something.

Then when deadlines creep up, I am forced into the biggest, scariest task.

I don’t really know the way around this yet. Have you ever used a tactic to get around that ‘slow to start’ feeling?