Making public commitments

Committing to something is eeeeasy. When you don’t tell anyone about it. Or do anything real about it. Sheesh!

I’m working on committing, at the moment, to a whole lot of things, and identifying what I’m committed to.

And our difficult homework this week was to tell 3 people what we’re committed to. I went a step further, and told about 30 people… by emailing them about doing an interview with me for my Masters research. And told my boss. And my supervisor. And various friends.

So I guess that homework’s ticked off…!

My supervisor, on chatting with her about the research, said that all that’s left to do is actually *do* the work. She’s right. This is proving the hardest thing, and also why you’re getting a blog post right now.

It’s exactly why so many student houses get reeeeeally clean around exam time.

The only thing that I can think of to keep my anxiety-ridden mind off the enormity of it all is to break it down into smaller and smaller pieces. Which HabitRPG helps with, incidentally.

Next post, I think, will be reactions from a 2 weeks (or however long it’s been) of using HabitRPG. Fun kinda tops the list, oddly enough!


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